Help get awareness out!

It is time to cleanse our communities from these predators by taking a stand against their criminal behavior.

Share Your Story

Are you a victim at the hands of one of these criminals? Do you have family members who have suffered from this? OR are a family member who’s experienced this in the family?

We need your help. 

It’s time to let the Muslim community know what truly goes on, and who better to tell them than those who have been affected by this? Who better to show the reality than those who have been hit hardest by it? Now is the time to speak out and not be shamed to silence and invisibility. The truth needs to be heard.

So we ask that anyone who has been affected by these criminals, whether you are a male or female, or even a family member who has felt the brunt of their crime, that you take a courageous step  forward to share your story: tell the world about your perspective and what really happened.

Or even if you have reliably heard a story about this and can narrate it soundly – please  share it with us!

Guidelines about submissions:

– Please make all individual names of the accused anonymous. At this point we cannot cater to the naming of any individuals from this platform, so to remain within Shar’i boundaries we ask that specific names not be mentioned. Details of places and locations are allowed and if possible, encouraged.

– Feel free to write anonymously or request that your name be withheld.

– Personal information and stories will be held at the greatest confidentiality.

– Stories may be slightly edited upon discretion, but no details will be altered unless requested.

– We ask and entrust that all stories be truthful

Submissions can be given in one two ways:

  1. Tell your story in your own words. We want to hear from you what you went through, and nobody can explain this better. Take the time that you need and use the words that you’re comfortable with – don’t worry about grammar or structure, but about telling your story.  Please email this to:
  1. Take our survey with prompt questions. Similar to the above, we want to hear from you and have provided an online survey to submit your story to us. Prompt questions that many people have asked or are curious about are also provided, but it is completely up to you whether or not you would like to answer them.  Survey Link 
  1. Volunteer for an Interview. Afraid of writing and feel more comfortable in arranging a personal one-on-one interview with a sister? This can be arranged insha’Allaah. Please note:

Interviewees are free to refuse to answer any questions they are not comfortable with and/or request an end to the Interview at any given point and time.

 If interested, please email with the request.

May Allaah bless and reward you all for your strength and courage in doing this and replace all your hardships and difficulties with ease and contentment.


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