Help get awareness out!

It is time to cleanse our communities from these predators by taking a stand against their criminal behavior.

Submit Your Story Survey

Please remember:

Guidelines about submissions:

– Please make all individual names of the accused anonymous. At this point we cannot cater to the naming of any individuals from this platform, so to remain within Shar’i boundaries we ask that specific names not be mentioned.

– Feel free to write anonymously or request that your name be withheld.

– Personal information and stories will be held at the greatest confidentiality.

– Stories may be slightly edited upon discretion, but no details will be altered.

– We ask and entrust that all stories be truthful

Prompt Questions are completely optional, so feel free to ignore them if you’ve already mentioned them in your story, or feel more comfortable in not answering them.

JazaakumAllaahu khayra!


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